Messaging Services

Grand View Messaging Services allow Lodges to engage and communicate with their members using robo-calls and text messaging directly from their Grand View dashboard. This capability expands communication mediums past email and snail-mail to further ensure members are aware of the activities of their lodges.

The messaging service is an add-on service that is paid for by the lodges themselves. Lodges can sign up and register for messaging through the communications dashboard then broadcast posts and events.

Members can adjust their communication preferences so they can customize the notices they receive and how they are received. This allows the best of all worlds while not overwhelming the members.

Lodges that currently use a third-party messaging service will find our pricing to be quite competitive compounded by the benefit of not having the manage contact lists. All lists, preferences, and numbers are driven by the data stored in the system creating the ultimate communications platform with the least amount of maintenance.


Jurisdiction Wide Pricing

We have been approached by several jurisdictions asking for an opportunity to provide messaging (robo-calling and text messaging) for every lodge in the jurisdiction at a discounted rate.

By charging a single entity we are able to greatly reduce the costs and make the prices more appealing to lodges the may want to use this functionality.  We are also able to provide usage reporting if you choose to pass the costs along to the lodges.

For budgetary pricing, jurisdiction level messaging is $1.50/Lodge/Month (per lodge participating) and $0.025 per message.  You are only billed for the actual usage in a month.

If you re interested in Jurisdiction level pricing please give us a call at 888-696-4652 or email