Grand View is the response to the overwhelming need for a modern communications and member management platform for Freemasonry.

Grand View is a comprehensive web platform that provides an encrypted portal where Grand Lodge, Constituent Lodges, and individual members can communicate and interact online. Over the last few years Grand View has evolved from a simple membership management database into a platform with nearly endless possibilities. With multiple grand jurisdictions, thousands of lodges and hundreds of thousands of memberships being managed, Grand View has literally gone from a drawing on a napkin to leading the industry.

Here's What Grand View Can Do

  • Membership Management

    Manage all of your membership records from an intuitive web based interface. Information is updated in real time and the system promotes distributed data entry and management by allowing Lodge Secretaries to interact directly with the database.

  • Grand Lodge Management

    Having all of your operational information assimilated in a single system you can rely on the information you need to make critical decisions.

  • Lodge Management

    With Grand View software, lodge management is a snap and many of the time consuming functions of a lodge secretary are automated for speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

  • Lodge Locator

    Grand View has a robust Lodge Locator built into the system and uses the real time information stored in the lodge record. This means that changes are made instantly and easily.

  • Hosted Application

    Grand View is a hosted application meaning there is no need for you to maintain expensive servers or big Internet connections. All information is stored in our secure datacenters on state of the art virtual server platforms.

  • Support & Training

    Grand View offers exceptional service and training. This is truly what sets us apart from our competitors. When you call you will get to speak directly to a person who can help you. You will not be asked to submit a ticket or go days without a response.