For budgeting purposes, plan on $1.00/membership/year. Every Grand Jurisdiction is a little different and there may be extra costs or savings depending on your specific requirements. Please contact us to get specific pricing. Grand View is a subscription based software that is billed in regular intervals. Typically the services are paid for monthly but arrangements can be made for annual or quarterly billing.
When we think of web based programs we often think about social media platforms where the software is free to use. The software bring free is a misconception. When you agree to the terms and services of a site you are agreeing to let that program use your personal information any way they want. There are advertisements scattered throughout the application that add clutter ultimately confusing the end user. Without using advertisements, there must be a way of paying for the continual development and hosting costs of such a system.
Our system has been built from the ground up to operate on all connected devices using web browsers that are freely available on the internet. . The software and data are stored in our secure data centers and accessed through the internet. All connections to the software are encrypted and all practical security standards are observed. End users will just need a connection to the internet and a up-to-date web browser. With Grand View you will not have the hassle and headache of costly servers and client software. This offers a dramatic reduction in the total cost of ownership when compared to non-hosted systems.
All data backups are handled by Grand View. Backups are performed several times a day and stored in a separate data center to ensure redundancy. For further redundancy your database can be backed up to a drive on your network so you always have a copy of your information.
Yes. We understand that the information stored in the database belongs to you. We will NEVER hold information hostage for the sake of retaining a customer. Physical backups (USB Drive) or downloadable archives can be provided on demand or on a predetermined schedule. We also have the ability to backup the database to a server or network attached storage device on your network.
Our systems have been developed for mobile devices on cellular networks. Lodge secretaries can perform their duties from a connected tablet or smartphone if they wish to interact in real-time. Otherwise, they can print the necessary information for a lodge meeting and update the system afterwards.
Grand View is currently designed to be implemented at the Grand Lodge level. If you think this system may be a fit for your organization please refer us to your Grand Lodge. They may not know about our systems and what we have to offer.
“Cloud Based” is just techno talk for something that is on the Internet. Typically, in a data center that has the internet bandwidth and facilities designed specifically for hosting servers and software. Grand View is hosted in our own state of the art data center located at our headquarters in Bossier City, LA with off-site backup at a separate data center that we own and operate.
Security is a tricky subject… The truth of the matter is that nothing can be guaranteed secure, even governmental computer systems. We adhere to a strict set of security practices such as requiring encryption on all connections to our systems. We implement firewalls and VPNs to control how hosts connect to the server and database. We do not store sensitive information such as credit card numbers and Social Security Numbers. All monetary transactions are handled through a financial institution and the information is transmitted directly to their systems. In the event that one of our systems were ever accessed, the perpetrator would only gain access to generally public information that wouldn’t result in monetary gain.