Online Presence Builders

What good is a website that’s never found? It’s not enough to have a website for your business; you have to get that website in front of your customers, and that means ranking highly in their search results. At Online Presence Builders, we believe in doing SEO the right way, using hard work and dedication to get your products, services, and business to the very top of your customers’ search results. By rising above the secrecy and black hat tactics of other SEO companies, we’re able to provide lasting SEO results. You can rest assured that your website will always be the most relevant for your search terms, so regardless of any changes to search engine algorithms, your business will always rank highly because your website has been carefully crafted for maximum effectiveness. Check out to learn more

Bluebird Broadband Services

Bluebird Broadband offers the highest quality Internet and phone service to Shreveport/Bossier City Louisiana and surrounding areas. Designed for today’s business needs with a wide range of broadband services and supported by friendly professionals. Choose from carrier-grade fixed wireless, Metro Ethernet, T-1, T3, and DSL, providing dedicated bandwidth for any business from 1 Mb – 1 Gigabit.  Check out to learn more.